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Since the company got its start back in 1976, Tecmark Corporation has been goal oriented when it comes to the creation of pressure switches. They not only want to reach the highest levels of customer satisfaction through service and high standard products, but they also strive to provide the highest measure of safety levels in harsh and hazardous environments. These qualities have made it possible for the company to quickly become an industry leader and global manufacturer of pneumatic, electromechanical and electronic controls. Specializing in time, temperature and pressure applications, they can help you reach your industrial goals with the quality and efficiency they are able to offer each and every customer. Serving numerous industries world wide, you can depend upon Tecmark for the service that you deserve.

At Tecmark, they are devoted to continuing to improve and explore current and new technologies as they become available. They do this in an effort to strengthen their existing marketing positions while at the same time creating new market opportunities. They realize that in order to stay on top of this changing industry, they must be willing to search for new developments. They want to make sure that all of their products are able to provide safe, reliable and effective performance at all times. Through this diligent dedication to improving the quality of their business they hope to increase their customer loyalty base and overall customer satisfaction.

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As the economy begins to get back on solid ground, Tecmark hopes that it will allow for the stability and growth of consumer confidence. Through all steps from the in-house fabrication to assembly and through the calibration of key components, they hope to ensure effective quality control and consistent performance. With an extensive product line, they are able to offer air switches, control packages, level sensors, thermostats, low pressure air switches and so much more. The company has come a long way since their beginning over thirty-five years ago, and they hope to continue to evolve in products, technology and personnel in the upcoming years.

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