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Mineral Point, WI

BEC Controls Corp., headquartered in the vibrant city of Mineral Point, Wisconsin, stands as a premier manufacturer specializing in the production of exceptional low pressure switches. With a firm dedication to innovation and an unwavering commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our esteemed clientele, BEC Controls Corp. has carved a distinct niche for itself in the industry.

At BEC Controls Corp., we recognize the pivotal role that low pressure switches play in various critical applications, ranging from forced induction and natural boilers to HVAC systems and pump control. Harnessing the collective expertise of our seasoned engineers and technicians, we tirelessly strive to design and craft low pressure switches that transcend industry standards, ensuring reliability, precise control, and elevated safety levels.

Our expansive product portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of low pressure switches meticulously tailored to cater to an array of industries and applications. Whether you seek switches for residential or commercial boilers, HVAC systems, or pump control, our adept team possesses the acumen and technical prowess to deliver customized solutions that meet and exceed your specific requirements. We pride ourselves on producing top-tier products engineered to excel in even the most demanding environments.

Dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality, BEC Controls Corp. meticulously follows stringent quality control protocols throughout the manufacturing process. From the selection of premium-grade materials to rigorous testing procedures, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that every low pressure switch leaving our facility embodies durability, reliability, and unparalleled accuracy in pressure sensing.

At BEC Controls Corp., we endeavor to build lasting relationships with our valued customers. We understand that every application demands precise requirements, and our agile manufacturing capabilities enable us to deliver tailored solutions with unrivaled efficiency and precision. Whether you seek standard low pressure switches or require modifications for unique applications, we stand ready to cater to your demands, providing flexibility and meticulous attention to detail.

Elevate your low pressure sensing systems by choosing BEC Controls Corp. as your trusted partner. Experience the exceptional difference our unwavering commitment to quality, relentless pursuit of innovation, and utmost dedication to customer satisfaction can make. Contact us today to explore our diverse range of product offerings and unlock the full potential of your boiler, HVAC, or pump control systems.

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