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Well pump pressure switches operate by turning the pump on and off in response to pressure increases or decreases. The main purpose of well pump pressure switches, also known as well tank pressure switches or water well pressure switches, is to make sure that the piping system within the home, warehouse, or business facility is at a high enough pressure to be able to supply water, but not too high. Read More…

Well Pump Pressure Switches Well pump pressure switches control the water well pump through turning the pump on and off in response to rises or drops in pressure.

Tecmark is a designer and manufacturer of remotely actuated controls used by OEMs worldwide. We offer an extensive line of high pressure switches, and our customer service representatives will help you find the perfect model for your application. Whether you are looking for an in-house solution, or an industry need, we continue to develop technological advancements.

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SOR pressure switches have earned a long-time reputation for their high quality, rugged construction and reliable performance under the most demanding applications. We offer explosion proof, hermetically sealed, and weatherproof switches. We design our pressure switches with high performance in mind, crafting custom, durable pressure switches with the approval of multiple agencies. Our products...

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For over 35 years, MPL has specialized in unique miniature pressure switch solutions to the world’s leading manufacturers. MPL pressure sensors and switches can be found in the most demanding environments from automotive to health care where long-life, reliable solutions are required. Visit our website for details.

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How Well Pump Pressure Switches Work

Well pumps and pressure switches are frequently used interchangeably. Clean water is delivered to dwellings using well pumps. In essence, pressure switches instruct the pump when to operate and when to shut off. A pressure switch is a device that detects pressure and outputs when a predetermined pressure is reached, according to a more technical definition.

pressure switches

The set point is the precise pressure at which the switch opens and closes. Many home pressure switches are made to withstand pressures of up to 50 PSI, with a minimum of 30 PSI (or pounds per square inch). Accordingly, in this example, the switch turns on and allows more water to flow into the system when the system's pressure decreases to 30 PSI.

The switch goes off at 50 PSI. A pressure switch's adjustment screw, diaphragm, lever, and contacts are among its many parts. The spring pressure is adjusted by the adjustment screw. The pressure range at which the switch functions can be altered by adjusting this. A pressure switch's standard range is typically marked on the device or the box it arrives in.

Water pressure is the only thing that can operate pressure switches. The water from the well supplies the shift in pressure that turns on the switch. The contacts are opened or closed as a result of the pressure rising through the diaphragm, which comes into contact with a piston and spring. The switch's internal open contacts close when the pressure decreases. By completing the electrical circuit, the pump is turned on. This enables the contacts to open once more when the preset pressure is reached, turning the pump off.

Types of Pressure Switches

The different types of pressure switches include:

Electronic Pressure Switches

A pressure transducer, usually a strain gauge, is part of an electronic pressure switch along with additional, proprietary electronics that amplify and transform signals into a viewable display. Some electronic pressure switches can transmit continuous, variable signals that represent the pressure reading thanks to their analog capabilities, which include switching abilities. Electronic pressure switches also have the ability to be locally programmed for time delay, switching function, setpoint, and hysteresis.

electronic pressure switch

Mechanical Pressure Switches

Mechanical pressure switches are more frequently used than electronic switches because they are easier to use and less expensive. A mechanical pressure-sensing component that deforms in accordance with the fluid pressure is present in all mechanical pressure switches. They are categorized based on the kind of pressure-sensing element used.

diaphragm pressure switch

Common Problems with Well Pump Pressure Switches

  • Water Leakage: If water is dripping from the internal mechanism of the switch or from underneath the housing, consider tightening the plumbing connection by using plumber's pliers to turn the brass fitting in a clockwise direction. If the leakage persists, the pressure switch needs to be changed because it is likely caused by the internal mechanism.
  • Bad Contacts: Over time, the pressure switch's electrical contacts may become less reliable. Two major culprits are the switch's power cycling too often and the presence of corrosive materials. File the damaged area away to make a temporary repair to the contacts, but make sure the pump's power is turned off first. It is necessary to replace the switch for a more long-lasting solution.
  • Damaged Diaphragm: Water from the supply exerts pressure against the switch's diaphragm to produce a reading of the pressure. The diaphragm may be unable to detect the proper water pressure if it is old due to wear and tear. It's time to purchase a replacement switch if this happens.
  • Failed Connection: A switch issue could be a sign of trouble elsewhere in the system. For instance, improperly sized pipe may result in a connection that leaks. As a result, the pressure switch won't function properly. Check the pipe to make sure it is the appropriate diameter for the task. Look out for any leaks or indications that the pipe doesn't fit the switch snugly.

Choosing the Proper Well Pump Pressure Switch Manufacturer

To make sure you have the most productive outcome when purchasing a well pump pressure switch from a well pump pressure switch manufacturer, it is important to compare at least 4 to 5 companies using our list of well pump pressure switch manufacturers. Each well pump pressure switch manufacturer has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the manufacturer for more information or request a quote. Review each well pump pressure switch company website using our patented website previewer to get an idea of what each company specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple well pump pressure switch manufacturers with the same form.

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