Pressure Switches & Pressure Switch Manufacturers

A pressure switch is a device that senses changes in fluid pressure and responds in a specified way. An actuated pressure switch makes or disrupts electrical contact in order to either trigger an alarm or switch something on or off. Switches are programmed to activate at certain pressure points, and may be designed to make contact either on pressure rise or on pressure fall.

Pressure switches can sense changes in gas and/or liquid pressure. Depending on the application, a pressure switch may be set to automatically open or close to interrupt or to initiate the flow or current involved. Pressure switches are always set to at least one point of pressure, or actuation point, to which it will automatically respond. Some switches are factory-set and cannot be changed, but there are also a variety of adjustable pressure switches available, which allow the user to adjust the actuation point or points. Many pressure switches work with several points of pressure, and are therefore able to act as more complex regulators of pressure systems. In addition, there are high pressure switches and low pressure switches that are better suited for working at certain pressure ranges. There are two primary types of pressure switches: air pressure switches, also known as pneumatic pressure switches, are designed to sense and respond to gas pressure, while hydraulic pressure switches operate in response to liquid pressure.

Some Leading Manufacturers

Tecmark Corporation

Mentor, OH | 440-205-7600

Tecmark Corporation designs, engineers, and manufactures a wide variety of pressure switches! We are based in Mentor, Ohio and serve a wide range of industries! We are an ISO 9001 certified company and dedicated to providing high quality pressure switches. Our company also offers a variety of other products and services including control packages, level sensors, in-house fabrication, and calibration services. To learn more about our company, call us today or visit our website!

Sytek Enterprises, Inc.

North Vancouver, BC | 800-567-9835

Sytek Enterprises, Inc. is a custom manufacturer of pressure switches, printed electronics, membrane switches and more! We have been in business since 1982 and use our years of practical experience, high quality standards, and commitment to research and development to serve our customers with the best products possible! For more information about our products, visit our website or call on of our representatives!

Wasco, Inc.

Santa Maria, CA | 805-739-2747

Since 1963, Wasco has operated as a family owned manufacturer of pressure switches and pressure transducers. We provide extensive lines of standard, value, high purity, and dual pressure switches. Utilized in the semiconductor, automotive, medical, defense, and energy industries, our pressure switches are second to none, and we are ISO 9001 certified. Call us today for more information!

Engineered Products Company

Waterloo, IA | 319-234-0231

At Engineered Products Company, we manufacture the Filter MinderĀ® line of monitoring devices. Our Filter MinderĀ® pressure switch is designed for heavy duty applications and constructed to resist corrosion ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and long service life. Our pressure switches are ideal for use in air, water, oil, fuel, and hydraulic filters as well as in engine systems, compressors, pumps, and blowers. Call us today or visit us online!

Practical applications for different sorts of pressure switches abound. Air compressor pressure switches signal to the compressor when more pressure is needed, when optimal pressure has been reached, and also when there is inadequate air supply for the suction stage. Oil pressure switches are used in cars to monitor the engine’s oil pressure and to signal when the oil pressure has gotten critically low. Both well pump pressure switches and water pressure switches regulate water pressure by actuating a flow of water when pressure drops below a certain level and stopping the flow when the system reaches its optimal pressure. Different sorts of furnace pressure switches either monitor for an adequate supply of fuel or monitor the furnace’s supply of fresh air. Differential pressure switches help regulate differential pressure between a cavity and an open atmosphere, such as the pressure between an airplane cabin and the outside atmosphere. Vacuum switches help regulate the pressure between two closed cavities by responding to changes in negative pressure. Ultrasonic level switches are ideal for use in tanks that store mass quantities of liquid, since they are unaffected by large changes in pressure and temperature; they also have no moving parts and therefore have no problems with sediment. Finally, displacer level switches maintain the level of liquids in a sump based on a set point. Displacer level switches are low cost, simple to operate, easy to adjust and reliable. Each of these types of pressure switches has numerous applications in industrial equipment and processing.

Sigma-Netics, Inc.

Riverdale, NJ | 800-314-3894

We are a global leader in pressure switches and other pressure control products! We have been serving the needs of the mining, oil-and-gas, aerospace, and military industries for more than 50 years. Our pressure switches are designed to provide superior protection for your equipment, processes, and personnel. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and high quality products. Call us today for more information!

Pressure Controls, Inc.

Belleville, NJ | 973-751-5002

Here at Pressure Controls, Inc. we manufacture a full line of pressure switches for all kinds of industrial applications. Our switches are utilized in medical equipment, aircraft, robotics, chemical processing, military equipment, drilling rigs, pipelines, and many other kinds of industrial equipment and applications. We are determined to continue innovating and producing high quality products. Check out our website and give us a call to order your pressure switches today!

MAMCO Precision Switches

Oneonta, NY | 866-395-2902

MAMCO Precision Switches is a pioneer in the pressure switch industry. In 2004, we introduced our line of ultra-low pressure, vacuum, and differential pressure switches, previously unavailable in the pressure switch industry. Since then, we have continued to deliver innovative switches and superior service to each and every customer. Contact us to discover how we can serve you and submit a request for quote for a high quality pressure switch solution today!

Pressure switches are specifically designed for alarm, shutdown, activation and control of pneumatic and hydraulic processes and equipment, and thus work well in any instance in which regulation of flow is required. Utility plants, public buildings, process manufacturing, automotive and home appliance industries all use pressure switches extensively to regulate fluid pressure and to provide safety measures for high pressure applications. The wide range of uses for pressure switches varies, anywhere from space stations to industrial heating systems. Pressure switches are important for the safe and successful operation of filters, furnaces, blowers, generators, cars, off-road equipment, compressors, turbines, wastewater applications, process equipment, pumps, panels and pipelines. Some batteries use pressure switches to prevent over-charging by switching off the charger when the internal cell pressure reaches a certain level. Pressure switches are especially useful in industrial facilities because they are a safe and cost-effective alternative to safety relief valves. Relief valves sometimes leak pressure during operation, wasting energy and in some cases causing a safety hazard, whereas use of pressure switches allows regulation of pressure at the source. Pressure switches can also accurately detect pressure problems and automatically shut down the process before the danger increases.

Pressure switches sense pressure in a variety of ways. Some switches use an elastomeric diaphragm that reacts to changes in the pressure level and actuates either a mechanical switch or a valve. Others work in conjunction with a pressure transducer and a display meter. Electronic pressure switches usually make use of a piezoresistive pressure sensor that measures the pressure level and converts the level into an electrical signal; these often include a digital display. Construction materials for pressure switches vary depending on the applications, but can include acetal, brass, polycarbonate, plated steel, glass reinforced polyester, polyvinyl chloride and cast aluminum. Some things to consider and evaluate when looking for a pressure switch are accuracy, electrical output, temperature compensation, temperature output and the material to be handled. Also important are operating temperature and capacity to operate with vibration and shock. The advance of pressure switch technology has made pressure switches an integral part of making processes involving pressurized fluids safe and dependable.

Tecmark Corporation

Series 3000 Pressure Switch